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    5 Reasons Why...
    Tunnel Car Washes Are Bad For Your Car  



    Tunnel car washes may seem convenient, but they can cause more harm than good to your vehicle. Here are five reasons why:


    Abrasive Brushes

    Rotating brushes in tunnel washes can cause scratches and swirl marks on the car's paint. These abrasive brushes may be effective at removing dirt, but they are also harsh on your vehicle's delicate finish.


    Harsh Chemicals

    Strong cleaning agents used in tunnel washes may be harsh on the car's paint, leading to potential fading or damage. These chemicals are designed to clean quickly, but they can strip away protective layers and degrade the quality of your paintwork over time.


    Recirculated Water

    Tunnel washes often reuse water, which can contain dirt and contaminants. This recirculated water may not be as clean as it should be, leading to a less effective and potentially damaging cleaning process.


    Potential for Cross-Contamination

    Tunnel washes serve multiple vehicles in quick succession, raising the risk of cross-contamination and transferring debris from one car to another through dirty brushes. This can introduce new dirt and contaminants to your freshly washed car.


    Risk of Damage to Accessories

    Automated systems may not account for external accessories and aftermarket additions, leading to potential damage during the washing process. Roof racks, spoilers, and other accessories can be easily damaged or knocked loose by the powerful machines used in tunnel washes.


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