Car Detailing
Packages & Prices

No surprises car detail packages in Noosa

Elegance Car Detailing Noosa - Interior detail package (picture)

Interior Detailing

  • All rubber, vinyl and plastic surfaces (door panels, cup holders, dash, etc ...)

  • Complete interior vacuum (any and all areas)

  • Carpet & upholstery shampoo

  • Spot/stain treatment

  • Pet hair/Sand removal

  • Leather cleaning/conditioning

  • Interior glass cleaning & protection

  • Complete interior protection

  • Carpet & upholstery protection


Elegance Car Detailing Noosa - exterior detail package (picture)

Exterior Detailing

Wheel/Tire/Wheel Well complete detail

  • Door jamb detail & protection

  • Complete exterior wash

  • Complete exterior decontamination (clay bar)

  • Bug detail

  • Roar tar, sap, bird dropping removal (and all other surface contaminants)

  • Long Term Paint & Glass protection (ceramic finish)

  • Wheel/Tire/Wheel Well dressing & protection

  • Black Trim dressing & protection

Elegance Car Detailing Noosa - full  detail package (picture)

Full Car Detailing

This service combines both the interior and exterior detailing of your car. 
It is the best rejuvenation and protection you can offer your car for long-lasting results.

We do recommend this service to be performed every 3 months on your car for optimal protection.

This is also the service recommended PRE-SALE of your car, it will add considerable value to your sale.



Extra Charges


The following are charged extra. Headlight restoration, engine bay, paint correction and Ceramic coatings will only be done if this is something that you have requested :


  • Headlights restoration: $198
  • Engine bay: $77
  • Ozone Treatment: $110
  • Paint correction and Ceramic extra protective and long-lasting coat: on quote
  • We reserve the right to charge extra for excessive sand and pet hair removal, excessive staining, extra dirty cars, ...
  • To be able to perform our work, we need your car to be fully emptied of your personal belongings. Failure to do so will incur an extra charge.
  • All our prices are inclusive of 10% GST
  • Please read our terms and conditions

Noosa car detailing customers, we made it easy for you with our car detailing packages! No surprise. 

Full transparency is the aim of this car detailing package system. You know upfront what it will cost you and you know exactly what car detailing service we will provide to your car.

We specialise in car detailing, not in car washing, there's a big difference that lies in hundreds of little details. Not only will your car be clean and polished, but the paint will also be decontaminated. Not only will your interior be clean to every little detail, but it will also be protected and easier to maintain. 

When you book one of our car detailing packages, you know that we will go through every little detail of your car, using professional high-quality products and techniques to get the best results possible.

Our full car detailing package is highly recommended to everyone wanting to look after their car in the best possible manner. After a full car detail, we are in a position to offer you discounted maintenance prices for monthly or fortnightly services.
Our full car detailing package is also recommended as a pre-sale service. It will instantly increase your chances of selling your car rapidly and at a better price. 

The interior car detailing package gives you peace of mind that your car is cleaned to the highest professional level possible. Not only will we take care of the inevitable sand, pet hair and visible stains, but we also extract pollens, mould, pollution and germs.

Only the best for your car!